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Apam Balik is one of the local traditional delicacies, made popular as a street food in Malaysia and Singapore . Among the Chinese, it is usually referred to as Ban Chien Kuieh. It is basically a sweet pancake heated on a hot pan and lazed with a rich layer of butter, and filled with peanuts and corns and folded into two. internet use statistics This delicious pancake with its crispy crust, roasted peanut, sugar crumb and corn stuffing is best to be eaten while it’s hot. The batter is made from flour, eggs, sugar, yeast and water so it’s actually thicker than a crepe, but not as fluffy as a pancake. 

Typically there are two types of Apam. The traditional Apam Balik refers to the thicker pancake, cooked on a massive pancake griddle. These traditional Apam Balik is typically cut into 11 or 12 individual portions. Then there is the small Apam Balik which is the thin crepe version which is prepared on a smaller pan. These days, Apam Balik is widely sold in pasar malam or night markets. The batter is scooped from a container and poured onto the pan and the street vendor would use the bottom of the cup to even out the batter onto the pan.