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The wonton is a type of dumpling that originates from China. It bears some similarity to a tortellini or small ravioli in Western cuisine. Literally translated from Chinese, its name means ‘cloud swallow’ – a reference to its light, cloudlike texture when it is cooked and served in the traditional way: in a soup or broth. 

Typical wonton ingredients include minced pork, shrimp, ginger, onions, carrots, sesame oil and soy sauce, all wrapped in a small flour sheet to make bite-sized packets. This is then boiled in water or broth and either served on its own or with noodles to make a heartier dish that can serve as a main meal. 

Deep-frying is also a popular method of preparing and enjoying wonton – the resulting crunchy dumplings a favourite snack or appetiser of diners of all ages, particularly the kids. 

Chilli sauce is a condiment that goes well with deep-fried wontons. For the boiled version, there are a variety of suitable condiments that include chilli oil, soy sauce and vinegar.